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We recognize the power of building a community of risk takers to challenge the future. Unique start-ups can post their success stories in this Forum to draw the attention of angles, incubators, accelerators, series investors and geeks.

This can also be a communication platform for start-up visionaries to interact with users, marketers, angels, accelerators, series investors, possible partners, geeks and researches on day-to-day basis to enhance the product, reach the markets, invest and monetize.

i+ Industry Analysis

We will Show-case pivotal start-ups and Unicorns that can radically change our lives on a day-to-day basis and disrupt the traditional industries. We will share startups' or unicorns' unique success stories, innovation strategies, business models, partnership models, scale up strategies for the benefit of other tech startups, tech enthusiasts and decision makers.

i+ Asia

In this section we illustrate how the respective country strategies, regulations, economic and social environment help or create a conducive environment for internet start-up ventures in the Asian region.

Internet +Industries

To assist the digital tech transformation in Asia, “Internet Plus Asia” will showcase start-ups and Unicorns under six main categories. These are the dominant sectors in Asian Tech Start-up landscape.

Sharing Economy

The world is at an inflection point as the formal frameworks of establishments are becoming obsolete and challenged by the collaborative, network and sharing economies which were created by internet platforms such as Asset Sharing Platforms.

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Smart Cities

More than 50% of mankind reside in cities and projections for this in 2050 is nearly 70%. As such, legacy infrastructure based Smart Cities cannot meet the challenges of the coming decades.Next Generation "Intelligent, Smart City" go beyond infrastructure based

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Health Care

Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Block chain, Internet of Things (IoT) and Virtual Reality (VR) are revolutionizing the delivery of health care. Game changing patient centric Apps released by US, Asian and European start-ups and unicorns, empower patients and doctors,

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EdTech driven by internet and next generation technologies like AI, Big Data and Cloud Computing will revolutionize learning and education in Asia and equalize quality education in developing countries in Asia by closing the gaps in rural-urban, rich and poor

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Propensity for e-tailing in Asia is high due to exorbitant cost of physical brick and mortar retail space, high cost of transport and convenience in ordering goods online compared to shopping in highly congested , polluted city landscapes. Increased reliability of secure electronic payment

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China is the Asian leader of Fintech in terms of investment volume and proliferation. China has most number of Fintech Unicorns in Asia and claims more than 35% global Fintech Unicorns. According to Brookings 2018, (out of 27 Fintech Unicorns, 9 are from China)

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What is Industry 4.0

With Industry 4.0, computers work directly with automation, so it’s not really new technology. It’s a new approach.

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From Industry Experts

"In other countries, E-commerce is a way to shop,
but in China it is a life style."

Jack Ma
Founder, Alibaba

"Our years in business have proven that our devotion to the human element of E-commerce is not incongruous. In fact, it’s what propels many of our merchants’ success."

Hiroshi Mikitani
Founder CEO, Rakuten (Japan)

"As people's access to the internet grows, we're seeing the sharing economy boom. I think our obsession with ownership is at a tipping point and the sharing economy is part of the antidote for that."

Richard Branson
Founder, Virgin Group
"Education plus innovation, applied broadly across the economy and especially in sectors where the country or region has a comparative advantage, multiplied by the intense use of technology, over time, produces economic growth and productivity."
Satya Nadella
CEO, Microsoft

Internet Plus Asia

Building Bridges, Connecting Tech Start-ups

Co-creation platform for Asian Digital Start-ups
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