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To assist the digital tech transformation in Asia, “Internet Plus Asia” will showcase start-ups and Unicorns under six main categories. These are the dominant sectors in Asian Tech Start-up landscape.

Sharing Economy

The world is at an inflection point as the formal frameworks of establishments are becoming obsolete and challenged by the collaborative, network and sharing economies which were created by internet platforms such as Asset Sharing Platforms.

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Smart Cities

More than 50% of mankind reside in cities and projections for this in 2050 is nearly 70%. As such, legacy infrastructure based Smart Cities cannot meet the challenges of the coming decades.Next Generation "Intelligent, Smart City" go beyond infrastructure based

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Health Care

Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Block chain, Internet of Things (IoT) and Virtual Reality (VR) are revolutionizing the delivery of health care. Game changing patient centric Apps released by US, Asian and European start-ups and unicorns, empower patients and doctors,

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EdTech driven by internet and next generation technologies like AI, Big Data and Cloud Computing will revolutionize learning and education in Asia and equalize quality education in developing countries in Asia by closing the gaps in rural-urban, rich and poor

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Propensity for e-tailing in Asia is high due to exorbitant cost of physical brick and mortar retail space, high cost of transport and convenience in ordering goods online compared to shopping in highly congested , polluted city landscapes. Increased reliability of secure electronic payment

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China is the Asian leader of Fintech in terms of investment volume and proliferation. China has most number of Fintech Unicorns in Asia and claims more than 35% global Fintech Unicorns. According to Brookings 2018, (out of 27 Fintech Unicorns, 9 are from China)

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